HOW TO MAKE A Uncomplicated Image Frame

How to make a very simple picture frame. This phase by phase tutorial displays you how to make plywood and plexiglass frames to display pics or pleasurable vacation printables!&nbsp

These are really enjoyable to make and exhibit your favorite pics, printables.

Or you can make them as a present!

Do-it-yourself Custom Photo Frames

I am working with these with Christmas&nbspprintables for now but these will last but not least go on the white wall opposite the&nbspcolorful accent wall in the young children&rsquo space.

With all that coloration going on, I wished to provide in some heat wood tones. but we have a pretty special set of newborn photos of the young ones that have been in their room eternally! I questioned them if they needed me to transform them out but each unanimously agreed they still required them!

We experienced been employing simple white Ikea frames so I determined to use this chance to generate fun frames and also use up some scrap plywood in the method. (There is a little something about the fulfillment you get from making use of scrap wood&hellip)

The pics can be very easily switched out by just using off those screws! I extra some succulent printables just for exciting.

Rustoleum despatched me their white and black wood grain enhancer to check out out and I adore the effect it provides.

Consider a look nearer! It&rsquos really cool!&nbsp

Materials desired to make the uncomplicated photograph body:

  • Plywood &ndash lower to sizing. I applied eight&Primex10&Prime

  • Plexiglass&nbsp&ndash lower to dimensions. I utilized 7&Primex9&Key

  • Masking tape

  • &frac34&rdquo wood screws

  • Stain of your choice &ndash I employed&nbspGolden Oak by Varathane

  • White wood grain enhancer

  • Black wood grain enhancer

  • Steel brush

  • Straight edge and box cutter &ndash to minimize the Plexiglass

  • (optional)&nbspBladeRunner X2&nbsp&ndash to lower the Plexiglass

  • Drill

  • Screwdriver

If you are a visible particular person like me, below are the dimensions &ndash&nbsp

Building the frames is really basic and simple. Even so, I figured out a handful of matters doing the job with plexiglass for the 1st time. I have highlighted that below. Just spend attention to those people and generating these display screen frames will be a snap!

Right here is the comprehensive video clip tutorial on how t make the frames. The comprehensive written guidance follow.

How to make the wooden and plexiglass frames &ndash

Stage one &ndash&nbspStart by staining the plywood in the color of your alternative. I utilized Golden Oak simply because it closely matches the Hardwood flooring in the home.Move two &ndash&nbspIf you are employing the grain enhancer, wipe the surface with water to assistance pop the grain. When the area is nevertheless damp, scrub it with the metal brush.&nbspThis is really crucial to get the grain enhancer to do the job.&nbspPhase three &ndash&nbspOnce the surface is dried, wipe it nicely and implement the wood grain enhancer&nbsptowards the grain. Wipe it off after a few minutes with a mild hand in the same direction you utilized it.

Action four &ndash&nbspGet your plexiglass all set. To slice the plexiglass, you can use a straight edge and a box cutter to rating seven-8 situations and snap. Acrylic Photo Frame produces a really cleanse slash. I wanted to make four of the frames so I decided to deliver out my&nbspBladeRunner X2&nbspwhich served make the course of action a bit speedier.Step 5 &ndash&nbspMeasure the location&nbspand area the plexiglass on the plywood. I made use of masking tape to keep it in its location. Then I measured and marked the spots for the screws.

Stage 6 &ndash&nbspUse a drill little bit that is significant adequate for the screw to go by means of very easily. I utilised a five/32&Key.&nbspDrill&nbspvery little by little! The masking tape retains the plexiglass from cracking. At the time you hit the wooden on the base, you will sense resistance. Halt when you have produced a pilot gap in the wooden.Step 7 &ndash&nbspPlace the picture or printable on the plywood. Use double-sided tape to keep it in place. Remove protecting covering from the plexiglass and connect with the wood screw. It is crucial&nbspto use a manual screwdriver&nbspso you have control on the force and how much the screw goes. If not, you can finish up cracking the plexiglass.

&nbspAdd Sawtooth hangers on the back and dangle&nbspthem up!&nbsp

The wooden grain enhancer provides a interesting outcome! I used the black wood grain enhancer on two and the white on two.

I can&rsquot determine if I like the black a lot more&hellipOr the white&hellip&nbsp

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