Additional than 20 Samsung equipment have now been given the Feb 2022 protection patches

Samsung has been undertaking an fantastic position of keeping its equipment up to day with the hottest safety patches. The firm began rolling out the Android security patches for February 2022 to its units toward the conclusion of past thirty day period, and the Galaxy Be aware 20 and Galaxy A50s were being the 1st products to get the February 2022 patches. More than the final couple of weeks, Samsung has launched Just one UI updates with the most current protection patches to a bunch of other units. Here’s a brief rundown of all the Galaxy gadgets that have gained the February 2022 patches so far.

Samsung Galaxy S collection
As you’d count on, Samsung has previously rolled out the February 2022 security patches to lots of of its flagship Galaxy S series products, such as the complete Galaxy S21 lineup, the Galaxy S20 lineup, the Galaxy S20 FE, and the Galaxy S21 FE. In addition, the Galaxy S10 lineup and the Galaxy S10 Lite have also gained the update. You can locate far more details about the security updates for these devices in the section down below:

Galaxy S21 sequence (Exynos: SM-G99xB, Snapdragon: SM-G99xU1)
Firmware versions: G99xBXXS4BVA8 (Exynos), G99xU1UES5BVA6 (Snapdragon)
Changelog: Exynos, Snapdragon
Region: Asia, Africa, United states
Galaxy S21 FE (SM-G990U and SM-G990U1)
Firmware versions: G990USQS2BVA4 (US carrier locked), G990U1UES2BVA3 (US unlocked)
Changelog: Carrier locked, Unlocked
Area: Usa
Galaxy S20 series (Exynos 4G: SM-G98xF, Exynos 5G: SM-G98xB, Snapdragon: SM-G98xU)
Firmware variations: G98xxXXUDEVA9 (Exynos), G98xUSQS2EVB3 (Snapdragon)
Changelog: Exynos, Snapdragon
Region: Europe, United states of america
Galaxy S20 FE 4G (SM-G780F)
Firmware model: G780FXXU8DVB2
Location: Europe
Galaxy S20 FE 5G (SM-G781U and SM-G781U1)
Firmware versions: G781USQS6EVB1 (US carrier locked), G781U1UES6EVB1 (US provider unlocked)
Location: United states
Galaxy S10 sequence (Exynos 4G: SM-G97xF, Exynos 5G: SM-G977B)
Firmware model: G97xxXXSEGVA9
Area: Europe
Galaxy S10 Lite (SM-G770F)
Firmware model: G770FXXS6FVA2
Region: Europe
Samsung Galaxy Z collection
Along with the Galaxy S series devices talked about over, Samsung has also launched One UI 4 updates with the February 2022 security patches for most of its Galaxy Z series units. These include the initial Galaxy Fold 4G and Galaxy Fold 5G, the Galaxy Z Fold two, and Galaxy Z Fold 3, together with all 3 Galaxy Z Flip variants. You can locate much more information about the security updates for these units in the portion under:

Galaxy Z Fold three (World: SM-F926B, US provider variant: SM-F926U, Canada: SM-F926W)
Firmware versions: F926BXXS1BVAA (World), F926USQS1BVAA (US provider variant), F926WVLU1BVA9 (Canada)
Changelog: Worldwide, US provider variant, Canada
Area: South The united states, United states, Canada
Galaxy Z Fold two (World: SM-F916B, US carrier locked: SM-F916U, US unlocked: SM-F916U1)
Firmware versions: F916BXXS2FVB1 (International), F916USQU2FVAB (US provider locked), F916U1UEU2FVAB (US unlocked)
Changelog: World-wide, US carrier locked, US unlocked
Area: Europe, Usa
Galaxy Fold 5G (SM-F907B)
Firmware model: F907BXXS6GVA1
Regions: Europe
Galaxy Fold 4G (SM-F900F)
Firmware edition: F900FXXS6GVA1
Region: Asia, Europe

Galaxy Z Flip 3 (SM-F711B)
Firmware versions: F711BXXU2BVA9 (Europe), F711BXXS2BVAA (Latin America)
Location: Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin The united states
Galaxy Z Flip 5G (SM-F707B and SM-F707U)
Firmware versions: F707BXXS6FVAA, F707USQS2EVB1
Changelog: F707B, F707U
Region: Europe, Usa, Oceania
Galaxy Z Flip 4G (SM-F700F)
Firmware version: F700FXXS8FVA2
Location: Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin The united states
Samsung Galaxy Observe series
Samsung begun the February 2022 patch rollout with the Galaxy Be aware twenty and the company has since introduced the patches to the Galaxy Take note ten series and the Galaxy Take note 9 as well. You can locate far more facts about the security updates for these products in the area below:

Galaxy Observe 10 collection (Exynos 4G: SM-N97xF, Exynos 5G: SM-N976B, Snapdragon: SM-N97xU)
Firmware versions: N97xxXXS7GVB1 (Exynos), N97xUSQS7GVA1 (Snapdragon)
Location: Europe, United states of america
Galaxy Be aware 9 (US carrier locked: SM-N960U, US unlocked: SM-N960U1)
Firmware variations: N960USQS9FVB1 (US carrier locked), N960USQS9FVB2 (US carrier locked Spectrum Cellular Charter), N960U1UES9FVB1 (US unlocked)
Changelog: US provider locked, US unlocked
Area: Usa
Samsung Galaxy A collection
Samsung has launched the February 2022 stability patches for 4 Galaxy A collection devices so considerably. Alongside with the Galaxy A50s, Samsung has rolled out the most current protection patches to the Galaxy A32 5G, the Galaxy A51 4G, and the Galaxy A52 4G. You can find extra details about the protection updates for these gadgets in the section underneath:

Galaxy A52 4G (SM-A525F)
Firmware model: A525FXXU4BVB3
Area: Asia, Africa
Galaxy A51 4G (SM-A515F)
Firmware version: A515FXXS5EVA1
Area: Latin The usa
Galaxy A32 4G (SM-A325F)
Firmware edition: A325FXXU2AVB1
Region: Asia, Europe
Together with the units pointed out previously mentioned, Samsung has also rolled out the February 2022 stability patches to the Galaxy M31 (SM-M315F). The software package update that includes the protection patches (firmware edition M315FXXS2BVB1) is rolling out to end users in Latin America, and it need to attain other regions in the coming weeks. And lastly, Mobile Covers Tab S6 4G (SM-T865) users in Germany have also started off obtaining the most up-to-date security update (firmware edition T865XXU5CVB1).

Have you gained the February 2022 protection patches on your Samsung Galaxy device? Allow us know in the feedback section below.

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