how to cheat in insaniquarium deluxe

Insaniquarium Deluxe! V1 1 Mod Apk Unlimited Money Download

We strongly recommend not to use it with VPN as it may invite legal issues. Deluxe iPhone / iPad app here by clicking the below download button. You will be taken to the official app download page of itunes store or App Store where you can download the app. Mobile game allow users to use setting option. Is a game where you have to explore a captivating underwater world in this insane action-puzzle adventure from the creators of BookWorm and Zuma. Make sure to run the game as administrator and if you get any missing dll errors, be sure to install DirectX.

You can buy this upgrade for 40,000 shells, but it is only available after buying all four bonus pets. This upgrade allows you to bring up to four pets in a tank instead of three. Want to add a new Christmas theme to your Virtual tank just buy a new normal guppie and call him SANTA. Santa will grow up with every feed until he is fully grown. Santa will sing a Xmas carol every # feeds after he is fully grown and will drop shell bags worth 20 shells. You can also tell Amp when to electrocute your tank by clicking on him.

  • When you have Amp the Eel, begin playing the game normally and accumulate some shells.
  • Insaniquarium Deluxe contains nine aliens, while the Java version has four.
  • Once you get a large guppy, buy two Carnivores.

Personally, I think this is a cute game to have and entertain children with because of the graphics, and teaching children how to take care of marine life. While playing the game it also comes with a twist of protecting the fish, or guppies, from aliens! To defeat the aliens you will have to click on them until they fly off the screen.

If you don’t kill Destructor, other aliens will not warp in and Destructor himself will not do direct damage. The best pets to bring with you on the levels are as follows. Nimbus the Manta Ray – (Level 4-1) bounces food and coins back up to the top of the tank.

Last Berserker : Endless War Game

You can decorate tank with different accessories. Take care of fish by feeding and caring and play mini-games. Share your creation with your fellows and spend your rare pearls on customization of the aquarium. Navigate the game and find treasure boxes to unlock further features.

Once you have two Ultravores, turn Presto into Blip to scout out alien attacks and help you with feeding your Ultravores. It’s okay if your Carnivores and guppies die, let them, you don’t need them anymore. Zorf will continue feeding, so some will live. As soon as you can, purchase weapon upgrades for better defense against the aliens. They kill them faster with less clicking. Locate the “userdata” folder in the game directory and copy the user file .

Software Review

The game offers ten exciting fun-filled levels to explore. Tap a Fish offers core features such as Detailed Environment, Intuitive Controls, Raise and Breed your Fish, Dozens of playable Fishes, Practice Session, and more. Insaniquarium features colourful cartoony graphics and simple compelling puzzle gameplay. Unlike most puzzle games this one has a significant resource management element which will appeal to fans of strategy games.


Shoot the alien’s head to push it downwards. To shoot faster, click with the left mouse button and scroll wheel. Quick Memory Editor is a Get Insaniquarium powerful game hack software that can cheat game easily. With Quick Memory Editor, you can search for any value in your game and change or lock it to the value you want to. First video of my Lets Play, inspired by all the people mentioned on my channel, in which I complete the first 2 levels of the game,… GIVE – Allows you to give shells to another user.

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